Dean Spiller is a worship leader at St. Charles Catholic church, Victory Park, Gauteng.  Originally from Durban, Dean finally realized his calling and passion for Christian music after three years of attending the youth mass at his “new” parish.  In 2005, when his desire to be part of the music ministry finally overcame his hesitance and shyness, he arrived at a band practice one Thursday evening (still wondering whether this was a good idea or not) with a guitar that he could not play and a vague idea of what singing was.  The decision, though, turned out to be the right one: for the following 6 years music and the fellowship found in youth and music ministry would be the key in influences Dean’s faith. 

The very first time Dean encountered the call to sing was also the very first time he encountered the Holy Spirit in a conscious way.  This was during a “Life in the Spirit seminar”, week-end retreat which was run by the young adults at Victory Park parish and held at Bosco youth centre. What really captivated him, along with the

friendship and communion of everyone there, was the way that he could join in with everyone in the same song and at the very same time offer something that was uniquely his through the prayer he added.  On looking back and realizing this Dean has decided to keep the range of the congregation in mind in the songs that he writes and performs.  The ability to sing along with those leading worship during mass sparked the fire that lead him to a deeper relationship with God and he hopes that his music can one day cause the same kind of change in those who hear (and sing along with) it. 

  In 2006 Dean, branching out a little in terms of musical instruments, invested in a bass guitar and began learning how to play it at practices.  He still asserts that he is, decidedly, not a bass player but enjoys playing from time to time.  Later that year Byron John, head worship leader at St. Charles, would put what Dean had learnt to the test as he was in need of a bassist for the band to launch his debut solo album “Sincere Worship”.  The album was launched in May 2007 to a very full Victory Park Church at a mass and was by all definitions a success.

Since the time that Dean could play more than three chords on a guitar without stopping he began writing his own songs.  He admits that, originally, they were not very good and often too long for anyone to listen to without falling asleep.  He continued to write though, and he believes that as he grew in knowledge, understanding and in experience with God and his spirit so the songs he wrote began to mean more to him and the idea of playing them for others to sing and pray along to began not to seem so terrifying. 


In 2008 Byron John, Julie Brenner, Shawn Lawson and Dean Spiller (all members of the Victory Park music ministry) formed a band with the sole intension of leading praise and worship at various Christian events (retreats, rallies, concerts) in and around their parish and community.  Dean was on bass and backing vocals again but would switch to guitar when the need arose.  In 2009 the band chose the name Pocket Kings 3:15 after the bible verse 2 Kings 3:15 (“now bring me a musician”), a verse that appeared to Byron in a dream during an important time of choice in his musical career. 

During this time Dean had been writing a lot more and had seen the affect that his songs could have on others as he performed them with Pocket Kings 3:15. He knew by now that there must be a reason for these songs and his, sometime seeming obsession with song writing.  Through prayer, meditation and the help of friends he finally realized that these songs were for the glory of God and were to be shared.  And so was put into motion the act of recording these songs and releasing “Arms Open Wide”, his first album.  The project would take almost two years for its completion and be one of the most trying and rewarding times of his life.

During the recording, completion, printing and launching of his album Dean continued to play music during masses and at various Christian events with the Victory Park Music ministry and Pocket Kings 3:15.  He does so still most Sundays.

Pocket Kings 3:15 continues to lead worship wherever their gifts are needed. The band now comprises of Byron John (lead vocals and electric guitar), Julie Brenner (drums), Dean Spiller (lead vocals and accoustic guitar), Micheal de Klerk (backing vocals and bass) and Gareth Phillips (backing vocals and lead guitar). They are still very much alive and passionate in their ministry, frequently leading worship on youth retreats, prayer meetings and worship concerts. 2013 marked the 5th straight year of their participation in the JAM (Jesus and Me) worship festival and 2014 looks set to be even bigger.

Dean began work on the songs for his next album mid 2013 which is very much still in the formative stages currently. He asks that you please keep him in your prayers as he discerns the direction and form of his music. God bless!


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