Stand up!

[For The Singles for Christ of St. Charles and Surrounding parishes]

Capo on 2nd Fret

Intro: C Em G D

Verse 1:

A         C#m                           E                   B

Maybe this is the day, when all our voices rise

A                C#m                            E                             B

Maybe they shout Jesus name, and maybe the darkness dies

A          C#m                            E                          B

What if this was the day, when all the battle scars faded away

             A                              C#m                E                       B

And our war cries gathered in one refrain, to lift his name on high



G            Em

Stand up. Don’t be divided.

C         D

This is our call to arms

G            Em

Stand up. We’ll be the sign

C        D                                                 

Of his love in this life…we gotta stand up

<Intro> C Em G D

Verse 2:

C        Em                               G                          D

Maybe this is the day when our sword is his word

C         Em                                    G                                  D

Maybe this is the time when our faith, our shield holds firm

C         Em                        G                           D

What if this was the day, girded in truth we threw sin away

        C                            Em                G                   D

The armor of God in our hearts and his spirit in our midst


<Intro> C Em G D  x2

 C D x2

C                        D           

We give him the glory     x3

C                          D                  G

We give him the glory in this life


Final chorus:

          A               F#m

We stand up. We stand united.

D                   E

Warriors who sing his praise

A              F#m

We stand up. We are the line

D            E                                                 A

This far and no further…his people stood up




Omitted Prechorus:

C                  D                      G  Em    C          G

The spirit of God is here, he’s living in me

C           D                        G    Em C                 G

We will not be shaken by any enemy

C                        D                          G  Em    C G

We worship the God who came and set us free

C                        D               G

We give him the glory in this life