The End Will Never Come

Intro and verse Riff:







[Intro riff x2]

G                                Em

If I walk in a valley, or on a mountain

C                             D

Let my prayer be the same

G                                             Em

Weather I’m blinded by the darkness, or the light

C                    D

Let this prayer remain


E   D   C   B   C-B


Chorus: [power chords]


Glory be to the father


Glory be to his Son

C                    D

Glory be to the love they share, the holy one



As it was at the start


As it is right now

C                             D                                              G     Em    C    D

And will be forever one, because the end will never come


[Intro riff x1]


G                            Em

If I walk all alone, or in a crowded place

C                                 D

Let this prayer be in my heart

G                                            Em

Weather I’m taken by the beauty, or the sadness

C                            D

Let this cry be a part


G                                Em

And if I stand on rock or sand

C                                   D

May it still show who you are


<Chorus> x2



Em        C                  G                    D     [power chords]

   For a man bled and died to rescue us

          Em                   C          G                       D    

  For a king stepped down, to show us how to love