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This is an evening where Pocket Kings 3:15 would come around to your parish, set up in your parish hall and lead the youth in praise and worship. [This is usually done afer mass on a Saturday evening]. A sharing/talk under the theme "Arms Open Wide" on the message of surrendering to God's plan will accompany this session.

Dean would also like to play music during a mass at your church with the leave of your priest and community.For more info please contact Dean.

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Lifeteen XLT - 24 February 2015

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JAM 2014 - Year of the Jamily

The JAM, Jesus and Me, worship festival took place on the 30th of August 2014. It has taken place at least once a year since 2009, growing fairly steadily each year in numbers and success. By all accounts 2014 was no exception. Each year JAM is held in aid of a Christian charity and this year pilgrims going to world youth day Poland 2016 benefitted from ticket sales and collections on the night. Each year Catholic bands from around Gauteng come together at JAM to lead JAMers in worship! Thanks to loving and dedicated Fathers of our church the sacrament of reconciliation has been available at the last 3 JAMs and the response has been overwhelming! JAM is usually centred on a theme promoted by a different tag line each year. This year JAM focused on the family since 2014 is the year of the family in the Catholic Church. JAM 2014 was entitled “The year of the JAMily”. Below is my experience of JAM2014, what a blessing, what a journey, what a ride!

We arrived the day before JAM2014 at De lasalle Junior School in Victory Park to set up sound and do some early sound checks scheduled for that night. Not long and I was joined by Khaya from Keystone productions (whose crew would be setting up the sound) and Duncan Todd from Shilling Fox studios (who would be handling sound engineering). Everyone was in good spirits and the anticipation steadily increased as the masterpiece of wires, microphones and lights that is the JAM stage was slowly assembled before our eyes. As the lights flickered into life and sounds slowly started to emerge from the beast of a PA system it finally began to sink in: JAM was here. Band members began to arrive, equipment began to pile up and my phone hadn’t stopped vibrating with whatsapp messages from all manner of JAM organisers... Alan from SALTT was one of the first to arrive with his drumkit which would be used by JAM bands this year. Slowly the bands assembled, each after his or her own long week of work, ready to sing praise to God. SALTT kicked off the sound checks, followed by Pocket Kings 3:15 and finally Cross Over concluded proceedings. By the end of the night the setup was done: the venue was looking great and the bands were sounding like they wouldn’t be out of place playing at soccer city the next week. We left the venue around 9pm with only one thing on our minds: “tomorrow was going to be intense!”

JAM2014 started the following day at 13:00 for me. I arrived at De Lasalle with a heavy heart after a call I had just received from Thuso of the group Totus Tuus. Unfortunately due to the flu that had ripped through the band they had made the decision that Totus Tuus would be unable to perform at JAM this year. Being a singer I totally agreed with and supported their decision but my heart was still heavy since it had always been great to have their energy and enthusiasm with us at JAM. Totus Tuus’ slot had always been a highlight of previous JAMs for me. Still JAM would go on and they promised to still be there and worship with us (a promise which they made good on, smiling all the while). Sound checks started and it wasn’t long before time was flying away from us. By 16:30 A4J and boulevard lights had sound checked and all the band members left available were standing around the prayer room for a final meeting and prayer together. The general feeling was one of excitement, nerves and a desire to be authentically present to the worship. We shared our feelings, thoughts on worship, and a prayer, together before we dispersed to make our own preparations. I think we all felt quietly determined to give what we could to lift up our worship to God in a sincere way. By the time we walked out of that room I felt at peace with what we were here to do.

The MC for the night, Jonathan Simon, opened up proceedings with a prayer and with the help of the St Charles parish’s Lifeteen group got JAMers to loosen up a bit with a very interesting icebreaker activity (all I know is that it seemed to involve some kind of secret handshake). Then Jono introduced the first band of the evening and Boulevard lights kicked off JAM2014 with some loud and rocking worship that set the tone perfectly for a night that was to be full of excitement. All the other JAM bands were impressed, especially by the technical skill of Boulevard Lights, a newcomer to JAM (even if some of their members had played as part of Jaywalking the previous year). The crowd really responded to the grove filled sound and many were off their seats jamming hard! JAM had surely begun.

Next up Stacey Hope-Bailie, a representative from the St Charles Lifeteen group talked to us about the sacrament of reconciliation. What struck me from what she said was the immense love that God has for us in giving us the law. We are not so much given a list of rules as reminders by the Father who loves us and knows how we will be happiest and live the most fruitful lives. Confession is such a wonderful blessing and we were blessed to be able to receive this sacrament at JAM thanks to Fr. Manuel (or Fr. Manu as he prefers). Father Manu, who is a member of the Opus Dei order and never far when young people need help, actually stayed to hear confessions long into the night and way past the scheduled end of the confession period. We cannot thank him enough for the loving way in which he goes about serving our Catholic community without thought for his own needs. He is truly a brilliant example of a man living out his vocation for Christ and His bride the church.

Once Stacey had given our heads enough to think about and our hearts enough to digest, Cross over was on stage. While this band was a little smaller than the last time they took the stage they had not lost their ability to captivate those worshipping with them. Because of band members moving away, and moving on, Cross over was now just two members: Diale Mabitsela on electric guitar and Diana Chikumba on the harp and lead vocals. It seemed that every note that came from the strings and every word that was sung was lifted in praise and, encouraged by the beauty and passion behind the music, JAMers took to their feet to lift their hearts with their voices to God. Everyone was up and singing. By the time the final words echoed off the walls we were all appreciative of their efforts in leading us in to worship. “There is power in the name of Jesus, to break every chain, break every chain, break every chain…” Little did I know that later that night, on my way home, I would still be singing those words.

As the final notes slowly faded to the applause of appreciative JAMers we were met by a pilgrim who had made it to the previous World Youth Day in Brazil (thanks in part to a previous year’s JAM festival). Sean Van Staden shared a few of his stories from world youth day Brazil which were truly inspiring. From unexpectedly meeting the Pope mobile in a back street of Brazil to throwing rocks at windows to get back into dorms, the adventures of his group probably inspired enough of us to send our own JAM group to world youth day 2016 in Poland.

Next on stage was Carmen, another new addition to the JAM line-up. Soon those soft, soulful lyrics floating up over the sweet sounds of the newcomer’s band were lifting and leading us into God’s presence. Carmen’s sound, which can only be described as a mixture of Whitney Housten and Hillsong’s more soulful numbers, was just what we needed to lead us into deeper contemplation and worship. You got the feeling that she was simply singing for her father and I think we all appreciated that and just wanted to join in.

The tension began to mount at this point. Pocket Kings 3:15 would be playing after Carmen and after a few songs from Carmen the nerves had gotten the better of me. I called Byron, Julie, Michael and I to the band prayer room. We prayed for Carmen, for all the band members, for all the people at JAM and all those receiving confession that night. We offered all our planning, our practises, the songs and the night up to Him. We really just wanted to worship God and let His spirit work. If we sounded awful tonight, we agreed, that was fine as long as it was God’s will. Still, walking out of the prayer room once again we felt a calm and peace once more.

Carmen’s last song finished to the overwhelming applause of JAMers all around the hall. I joined in too, she had really had an incredible set. Silently, trying to fade into the background we moved up the side of stage as Jono got the crowd going once more in appreciation for the music they had just heard. I immediately headed further back stage and found my guitar where I had left it. Using the tuner built into the body I hastily turned the brass knobs in place, taking my queue from the flashing read arrows on the small LCD screen. Once that was done I leaned down and flicked the switch on my wireless guitar receiver, instantly rewarded with the small green light, I began to pray... In no time we were out on stage. Julie sat loosening and tightening all manner of drum hardware, Byron was kneeling over his pedal board and Mike was plugged in and ready to go. I readjusted my mic stand

Once off the stage I was met by a few JAMers who wanted to chat about music and ask if I had a CD they could hear, indeed I did! I was still trying to catch my breath when FR Rodney, the leader of the Johannesburg youth office was up on stage. It was so great to have him with for another JAM as a speaker and his presence and words inspired JAMers young and old. I couldn’t help thinking how incredible our church is. Sure, like all families, we have our ups and downs, good days, bad days, hurts, disappointments, successes, failures, mistakes… but when all is said and done we have a place to go when we need direction, when we need a shoulder, when we need someone on our side... But most importantly for me we have a place where we can just be ourselves. I was standing in the middle of hundreds of young people from who knows how many parishes and somehow I felt close to them, as brothers and sisters. Even though we were from different parishes and different schools and universities we shared a faith, we shared worship and as Catholic youth we shared Christ, the Eucharist. We have courageous men like Father Rodney and Father Manu who not only give their lives to us, Christ’s bride, on the day of their ordination but offer it again and again, and take the time to be available and present to us as a church (whether it be 6am mass on a Wednesday morning or 22:00 JAM on a Saturday night). We have Christ.

Once Father Rodney had dispensed his words of wisdom I knew we would soon be hearing the energetic sounds on A4J (All for Jesus), a band that travelled each year from Pretoria along with an army of JAMers to lead us in worship. Since I was still recovering from being under some pretty intense stage lighting I needed to get some fuel to keep going. I headed outside to the food and drinks stalls, gathering a few friends along the way. It was late and I still found a lot of excited looking people outside ready to sell me rotis, vetkoek, boerewors rolls, prego rolls, chips, cool drinks and (oh yeah) chocolate brownies. They were all raising money for world youth day journeys or various other sodalities in the church so I had no problem supporting them as much as I could (my stomach didn’t mind either). I settled on a vetkoek (or two), 2 chocolate brownies and a bottle of water before heading back in to listen to A4J (I also wanted to buy a JAM and a SALTT t-shirt since it was SALTT’s last JAM for a while). Somehow A4J were even better than I remember (and I normally have a pretty good memory when it comes to music). Probably the biggest band to grace the JAM stage each year, A4J is made up of members of the PIE group (People into Evangelism), a close group of friends who do incredible work for their communities and various charities. When they play, I thought, it really does show. There is something that one just can’t force as a band and I can only describe it as becoming a family. That’s what it felt like worshipping with Pie, worshipping with a family singing to their heavenly father. Each member seems comfortable with the other and comfortable with what is going to happen next.

The final worship team for the night was SALTT – Salvation and Life through the Trinity. They are made up of mostly members of the Rivonia parish and have been my friends since their first JAM, probably 3 or 4 years ago now. As I realised that they were getting ready to kick off Jono made the announcement that I wanted to say a few words first. I took the mic from him and tried my best to stay calm (talking in front of crowds of people has never been my strong point). Earlier this year Reuben and his wife had made the decision to immigrate to Dubai to start their next big adventure and it turned out that in less than 24 hours they would be on a plane heading there. To be honest if you told me that Reuben had delayed his flight to the day after JAM just to be able to be there I would have believed you. He has been the driving force behind JAM for so many years (being on the JAM organising group) and I can say with certainty that if he hadn’t been around JAM2014 would not have happened… because JAM2013 wouldn’t have happened… because JAM2012 would not have happened. I did my best to put into words how I felt and how the team would miss Reuben but most importantly how much I would miss him. Sure we didn’t see each other that often (mostly just at JAM meetings) but when I did he would always ask how I was and I could always tell really meant it. We had conversations that lasted a lot longer than those I have with friends I see a lot more and that I think is because he is just a one of those guys who actually cares about people. And we were all going to miss him. SALTT didn’t disappoint us. Each year they take the stage and have us all in worship from the word go. Reuben’s constant energy and words of encouragement always call us closer to the place where we can abandon ourselves a little more and just fix our eyes on Jesus. For some reason whenever I have seen SALTT play they always seem like their hearts are looking straight up and there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that they are praying when they sing. It was pretty emotional and spirit filled and once SALTT had played their final note they called all the JAM band members up on stage to join in for one last song. So Boulevard Lights, Cross Over, Carmen, Pocket Kings 3:15 and A4J were up on stage getting everyone singing our last song (lead by the guy that kept JAM going) in worship to our God who we were all here for. We sang “God’s great dance floor” to end off and JAM2014 was officially over. There are way too many people to thank to be honest but I would like to mention Duncan Todd of Shilling Fox Studios who gave of his time as a friend and brother in Christ to get the sound just right for JAM this year. Ask anyone who was there and they will agree that he sound was immense that night. Thank you to Keystone for supplying the sound and lighting, you made JAM sound and look incredible this year.

JAM has never been about a performance or a show, it has always been about the music, the worship, the friendship and of course about Jesus. I think as bands we have all grown over the years by God’s grace and we are so thankful for this. I also believe that the Holy Spirit touched many hearts at JAM2014 through the sacrament of reconciliation and I can’t say thank you enough to all the priests that have been our confessors over all JAMs, you are the reason JAM is worth doing again and again and again by God’s grace). All glory be to our God to Whom we sang and shouted and applauded, confessed our sins and lift our hearts. Thank You for Your mercy Father, you are truly glorious! We truly serve and awesome God! Amen!

JAM2012 – Butter for your Soul

JAM2012, the fourth annual Jesus and Me concert took place at De Lassalle Junior school this year. JAM2012 recorded the greatest attendance out of all four events and has been by far the most successful. Pocket Kings 3:15 shared the praise and worship leading duties with Cross Over, A4J, SALT and the Tuus this year. A reasonable sum of funds was raised for WYD pilgrims going to Brazil for whom the event was held. Many thanks must go to Turnkey Music and EFX Productions for supplying the sound equipment and Byron John for taking care of sound engineering.  This was set to be a small event to lead up to next year’s JAM celebrations and turned out to be the biggest yet. Proving that only God’s timing and planning is what really matters. Watch this space for information on next year’s JAM, things are already in motion to get it going. Please keep us all in your prayers so we can ensure that our planning can be lead by the Holy Spirit. Thanks to all who came out to support this cause, see you all next year, God bless!

2012 New album Preparation

Work has begun on Dean's next album. Initial drafts for two Songs "Created for love" and "Bring me back" have been completed; with a third, "Before the Light" still under construction. This album yet unnamed, but so far vaguely refferred to as "You are not who they say you are", will be themed on The Theology of the Body of Pope John Paul II. "TOB is unique in that JPII uses experience, a subjective approach, to help us understand more about who we are and our reason for existing the way we do. This album is set to follow the same line, being less of a teaching and more of my subjective experiences of TOB in encounterring and living this message. Music has a unique subjective element and I am hoping to bring this through too (in the album)." No concrete completion date has been set yet, but mid to late 2013 seems most likely given current circumstances.

Jam 4 Faith 2011 a success!

The 3rd annual Christian praise and worship Concert, held by the Jam (Jesus and Me) youth group of Bryanston's Church of the Resurrection turned out to be th most successful event so far. With record turn out and band entries, this year was the biggest event yet. Many thanks must go to Keystone productions for sponsoring the sound equipment and EFX productions for contributing the lighting for the evening! Further thanks to Darryl White for sound engineering and Matt Simon for audio visual management. Tthank you to everyone who came out to support their bands and worship our God. You helped make this a truely incredible experience of fellowship and worship! Finally, thank you to all the bands who came to share their gifts with us all, so generously, on the evening! May God continue to bless you all!

JAM 4 faith 2011 is on its way

Preparations for JAM4Faith 2011 are well under way. So far the event is expecting the largest number of bands performing on the evening since it's inception. Watch this space for more details but for now follow the links below to download two JAM 2011 wallpapers provided by Rajwin Chandy of Rajwinography and Neveralone Design. Please spread the news to your youth groups, friends and mortal enemies, this event is for EVERYONE! Details to follow.

JAM4Faith Wallpaper1 - Flyer

JAM4Faith Wallpaper2 - Logo

15 July: Arms Open Wide in Alberton

On Friday the 15th of July Pocket Kings 3:15 joined the youth from St. Therese Catholic Church and surrounding parishes for praise and worship. Guest speakers Jon-OH! and Matt Simon provided moving testimonies and meditations on their own Christian journeys that left me (and many others I am sure) with a lot to think about. These are truly two warriors of God who stay strong in every season of the soul. The worship was loud and heart felt and moving and seemed to be lifted up by every one of us in the old Meyer farm house in Alberton that night. The hospitality, openness and 'on-fire-ness' of this community was so awesome to experience! Thank you all for coming out in the cold and sharing this evening with us. Also to the many St. Johns and St. Charles parishoners for making the trip! Wow, that is not a night I am going to forget in a hurry. Especially thank you to Darrold and Pierre for the hours of preparation of the evening and for all the KFC :-) God bless you all!

June 2011: 'Light from Light' to be part of Compilation album

Rocking Romans album cover

'Light fron Light', has been selected to part of the compilation album "Rocking Romans", a project that features the best of new Catholic music each year. After entering 3 tracks for consideration on the album in May, Dean received news a month later that 'Light from Light' had been accepted as a finalist! The compilation was released later in June and can be purchased and ordered online or downloaded from Rocking Romans website. Thanks so much to Rocking Romans, particularly to Paul Mazurek, for all the hard work and dedication in making this happen and for this incredible opportunity. Please visit their site and read more.

4-5 June 2011: Gauteng Youth Music Ministry Retreat

After much careful planning and preparation the first ever Gauteng Catholic Youth Music Ministry Retreat was held St. Charles Catholic Church,Victory Park in June. All who attended agreed that the weekend was a great success. It saw members from 7 different music ministries come together to share, express and learn more about their roles as musicians in their Catholic faith as well as to take time out and reflect on their relationships with God. The outcome of the weekend's productive feedback based format includes a resolution to ensure a better understanding of the mass, closer conformity to liturgical celebration when possible and the production of more self written music that follows liturgical celebration. The greater part of the retreat was captured on video and documented in 'feedback' sessions. Once these and various power point presentaions have been consolidated, they will be published online where possible. Many thanks to all who attended and made the retreat what it was, an incredible time of learning, sharing and making new friends.

May 2011: 'Arms Open Wide' concert in Meyerton

Praise and worship, with an intimate group of Catholics from Meyerton's Catholic Church, turned out to be an incredible evening of faith strengthening, sharing and friendship forming. Pocket Kings 3:15 enjoyed themselves thoroughly meeting new people and getting used to playing together once more after a sustained period of radio silence. This event, bearing the name of Dean's album, looks to be the first of many such praise and worship concerts to be planned this year. The idea is simple and effective: engage with a parish's youth through praise and worship and a talk/sharing themed under "Arms Open Wide", the act of surrendering to God's plan and will for our lives. Thanks so much to Roberto, Monica and Michelle for your hard work in making the event possible! And many thanks Thanyani for sharing on "Arms Open Wide" and giving us all something to think about.

Tragic Passing of Band Member's father

The parish of St. Charles, the Brenner family, Pocket Kings 3:15 and many others across the world suffered a horrible blow this year as Julie Brenner’s father Passed away in ICU following a break-in to the family home in Linden on the 9th of February. Heinz Brenner was a kind soul who allowed us weekly band practices in his home: he will be sorely missed by us all. Please continue to pray for the Brenner family, for healing and comfort and for the reposal of the soul of Heinz Brenner.

Praise and Worship at Florida World Youth Day Fund-Raising Concert

This weekend (5th & 6th March) was amazing! On Saturday night 4 bands, two speakers (not the electrical kind) and a hall of soon to be world youth day pilgrims and their families praising and worshiping all night. Julius and the Dilemnas, St. Johns (Northriding) music ministry, Dean Spiller (Accoustic) and Ignition were all there and led those gathered in praise and worship. Whether it was with a couple of mainstream covers, popular praise and worship anthems or originally written, God inspired songs each band placed Jesus firmly at the centre of their music and the result was a meaningful and enjoyable evening being experienced by all. The cause was the sending of this group over to Spain for the World youth day in August this year and by the turn out I would judge that they are well on their way!

Sunday saw all participants coming together for a mass to welcome the world youth day cross to Florida parish. This too was an exciting event as all pilgrims were greated, presented to the community, and given a wooden cross with a South African flag upon it symbolising the communities best wishes. The song "Praise the Lord" off of "Arms Open Wide" was chosen by the group to be played at the mass and, if things progress, to be taken by the group the Spain as one of their "theme songs". Thanks to everyone from St Johns, Florida, for the hospitality showed to us during the course of the weekend and for the commitment with which you are serving these young people, your community and our Lord. Thanks again to Micheal De Klerk and Sherwin Prim for accompanying me at the event as part of the accoustic set. God bless!


Performance at Our Lady of the Cedars of Lebanon Catholic Church

On 12th and 13th of February Michael De Klerk (Pocket Kings 3:15) joined me at Cedar Park in performing songs off my album album during the Saturday and Sunday evening youth masses. Thank you to the Maronite community for the warm reception and openess. During the weekend I came to experience a close, spirit filled congregation bonded together by a strong devotion to our lady. I also managed to play a couple of songs on Sunday during the festival of Saint Maroun, the founder and patron Saint of the Maronite movement in the Catholic church. So it turned out to be an awesome and educational weekend for me, as I ahve caome to discover that there were and are many things I did not know about about our church and God's people. May God continue to bless you all as abundantly as he obviously already has. Thanks again to Mike for joining me and making the weekend such a success.


30 Jan 2011: St. Charles Confirmation retreat

The 2011 confirmation retreat at St. Charles was an incredible, spirit-filled weekend. All present could see that the Holy spirit working in a big way among the paricipants through the growing meaningflness of sharings, louder worship and softened hearts which became more and more evident as the weekend progressed. Various members from Pocket Kings 3:15 lead and accompanied worship throughout the weekend and came together for the Saturday evening on which an hour session of praise and worship was planned. The enthusiasm of the youth was a great experience: both on the night and through testimonies the following day. Many thanks to all sharers, speakers and leaders whose participation, and open-ness to God's will, made the retreat such a success. We pray that you continue to experience God beyond this weekend retreat and continue to answer his call to be who you are and who youwere created to be in Christ.


Arms Open Wide in selected stores

You can now purchase "Arms Open Wide" the album at Paulines Catholic book store Kensington and Herlads Christian books in Linden [as well as downloading and ordering over the internet]. For details on these means of obtaining the follow this link. Should you wish to sell "Arms Open Wide" in your store please contact Dean through mail@deanspiller.co.za.


Pope Benedict XVI on music

Southern Cross: Pope on music


Catholic social network xt3

I recently received an e-mail invite regarding an all Catholic social network called xt3. This looks like a really awesome initiative and great way to access Catholic resources, meet like-minded people and take part in inspiring discussions of the faith. Also included currently is preparation for the World youth Day Madrid, Spain this year. Check it out here and friend me :-) Dean


"Culture of Life Johannesburg" announces pro-life action plan for this year

We ask God' blessings and protection for you all as we begin 2011.

As a follow up to the Anti Abortion Holy Mass and Prayer Walk of 2010, we were advised by our spiritual director, after consulting with our archbishop, that we have a different event this year and have a Prayer Walk again next year. This Right to Life Holy Mass and Rally is our plan for 2011.
The attached letter is going out to all parish priests, pastoral council members, diocesan and lay organizations, catholic schools and the religious of the archdiocese.
If you would like to participate in our planning meeting at the Cathedral on Saturday, 5th February, at 14.00, we would be delighted.

We encourage you all to promote this event and to do whatever is possible to save the lives of the unborn.

God bless you and the work you do, now and throughout 2011.


Michelle Joseph
Culture of Life Campaign


Tight to life mass poster


13 January 2011: Website update

There's not a lot to say, www.deanspiller.co.za has been upgraded and re-launched! Just as we all have started gettin used to writing 2011 in the date column so now we'll have to get used to seein a new looking site. Please let me know what you think of the new look and update via facebook. Wishing you a blessed 2011.


25 December 2010: Virginia Catholic Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Kwa-Zulu Natal

While visiting family in Durban this Christmas time, I decided that justifying the precious space my guitar would take up in the luggage was necessary. What is the best way to do this? (I thought). Share it, use it to meet new people and, if possible, play it during Holy Mass. This was when I met the band from Virginia Catholic Church in Durban. Strumming and singing along to the hymns that I knew on the feast of the Holy Family, I met a group of people who are committed to their God, their music and one another. The Parish's youth seems strong (they run the life-teen program) which, from what I experienced, creates a good atmosphere in the community.

I had an enjoyable time meeting them and I have come to realise an even broader sense of Christian community. I also see that we could all benefit from exchanges between our different youth music ministries in this country. Things like sharing songs, knowledge about liturgy, ideas, talents, prayer... are things that could have a big impact on each of our ministry's growth. This is an idea that has been wandering around in my head lately and is really not going away, so I have decided to do something about it. Please send me an e-mail if you think your Youth music ministry would benefit from such an organisation, or if you have any ideas about what I have mentioned above. I really think this could be a great opportunity to strengthen our faith through fellowship and ultimately to be able to facilitate a deeper worship through our music in our Christian communities. Thanks to Brian and Bob from Virginia for being so welcoming and the entire for Youth band for all your hard work. May God continue to bless you all.

Dean Spiller

5 December 2010: J.A.M. For Faith

The J.A.M. for faith concert, hosted by Bryanston Catholic Church on December 4th, saw bands from around the Johannesburg Diocese come together for an evening of praise and worship. The event, which is now planned as an annual one, was well hosted and all who took part had a great time glorifying our God. Of particular interest was the growth of the bands since this event last year ("October 10 Battle of the bands") which was immediately apparent. It was an encouraging sign for Catholic youth music ministries in the area, seeing first hand the effort and worth these bands have put into their spiritual and musical journey. The Holy Spirit has really been working in the last year.

Thanks to all the bands who shared their talents with us and continue to serve our Lord Jesus through music and prayer, as well as to Bryanston Catholic Church (especially Ashleigh van Kerkhoven) for hosting and organising the event. Thanks must go, again, to Brendan Marsay from EFX Productions for organising the sound, lighting and recording for the event. His dedication and effort made this event, and many others like it, possible. Audio recordings of selected songs performed on the evening will soon be available for your listening and download pleasure. The Spirit is alive and moving in many Johannesburg Music ministries! Through prayer and renewed dedication let us ensure that this continues all through 2011!

November 2010: Lasallian Youth Year-end Worship Concert

On November 26, Pocket Kings 3:15 joined De Lassale Holy Cross College's Youth Group (Lasallian Youth) for a night of praise and worship for their final meeting of the year. Popular covers from Steve Fee, Chris Tomlin and various other Christian artists along with original works from Byron John and songs off of "Arms Open Wide" echoed through the De Lasalle school hall as all involved lifted their praises to our God. All seemed to enjoy a spirit filled experience and an excitement for the soon approaching holidays, Christmas season and fresh new year to come. The enthusiasm of this group never ceases to amaze and worshipping with them is always a heart warming and encouraging experience.

November 2010:Arms Open Wide on YouTube

Live video recordings of selected songs from "Arms Open Wide"'s album launch are in production and will sonn be available for viewing on video sharing sites such as youtube and Godtube. Having said this, the first video is up!  "Arms Open Wide", the title track's live performance at it's launch, can be viewed on the above mentioned sites by searching "Dean Arms Open Wide" or by clicking here.  The work that has been put into this video is clearly evident and credit for this must go largely to Brendan Marsay of EFX productions for visuals and Jeremy Craig for capturing the audio.  Give it a watch and leave us a comment.  There is a lot more to come in this department so watch this space!

October 2010: The After-math

The launch of "Arms Open Wide" was a great success.  The evening saw the album being released in style: to a stunning light show, a prayerful atmosphere and an eager crowd.  It was an enjoyable evening of giving glory to God through prayer, song and fellowship.  Sound and lighting where of the highest quality and thanks must go to Brendan Marsay of EFX productions and the crew of EPH, for organising gear and film work on the event, as well as to Jeremy Craig who worked tirelessly in setup and throughout the event on achieving the very best sound possible.  Continue to watch the launch page for more about the event: photos, script,comments, feedback as well as video footage of the launch and live recordings of selected songs performed on the night.  These will be made available for download shortly.  

Due to work and exam periods, Pocket Kings 3:15 will experience a break in performances in the few weeks following the launch and, as it stands, their next performance will be Bryanston Church youth's Jam for faith concert festival on the 4th of December (more details to follow).  The album "Arms Open Wide" is currently enjoying airtime on Radio Veritas and is available on order through e-mail (mail@deanspiller.co.za) for R100 [excluding shipping should it be extensive] and via online purchase and download at www.music.deanspiller.co.za.  Visit this site to preview the entire album as well.  

Under consideration and construction is a 'tour' of churches by Pocket kings 3:15 and members of various music ministries in and around Gauteng.  The aim of this would be to aid in establishing, setting up, maintaining and inspiring other youth music ministries in each church's parish.  This is still very much a concept and would take place early to mid next year. Importantly if you would (or know any who would) benefit from such a workshop/retreat in your parish please contact us at mail@deanspiller.co.za.  In this way there will be more chance of the idea following its course and becoming a reality as well as reserving your church a place on the 'tour' early.

"Arms Open Wide" continues to be a success and many have expressed their particular satisfaction with the lyrics of the album.  All that remains is to continue to spread the music to all who need it.  So if you would like to assisit  in promoting and selling the album in your community please contact us (mail@deanspiller.co.za).  Dean is always looking for new ways to spread his gift of music and get this music out as far as it can go, so if you would like him (and/or Pocket Kings 3:15) to play for your community please don't hesitate to contact us.  

Southern Cross Article

Southern Cross Article

September 2010: The Launch is Set!

Preparations for the launch of "Arms Open Wide" are well under way and progressing at quite a pace!  The album will be unveiled on the 2nd of October 2010 at De lasalle Holy Cross College Junior School hall at a worship concert.  You are all invited to come and join us in a night of prayer through song!  The music starts at 19:30 (ending at 21:00, latest) and unfortunately, there will be a cover charge of R20 that was not originally part of the plan.  Once organisationing for the event had gotten under way it became apparent that the standard of the equipment and set-up needed for the night to be a success would require a cover charge.  Be assured that all money gathered from entrance on the night will go to all the incredibly generous peoeple who have volunteered their services and equipment (which are extensive) for such a minimum fee.  While a little aprehensive about charging for the evening, we believe it is the most practical way to ensure that these songs and this event are experienced the way they were intended to be.  

There will be limited seating at the event (on raised seats at the back of the venue) and as numbers are limited we will be preselling tickets for this at the regular price, R20.  In order to book such tickets please e-mail details or any questions to mail@deanspiller.co.za .  Importanatly, all other tickets will be standing and will be sold at the door.  For this reason if you are planning to attend and are registered on face book we would ask you to please indicate so on the event wall here FACEBOOK-EVENT.  We really are putting in every effort to make this evening and launch an enjoyable and spirit filled experience for all and so would very much like to see you there!  There has been thought of a reduced entrance fee for youth groups should they contact us before hand.  Again to do so e-mail me at mail@deanspiller.co.za and arrangements can be made.  Really, this event is for you, no matter what age, colour, Christian denomination you may be: bring your friends or come along and make a few more.

As it stands there are plans for drinks and perhaps boerewors rolls to be sold on the night and once such plans are in place we will advertise to that affect.  CD's on the evening will be sold at R100, profits of which are to be donated to charity.  Also from the night of the 2nd of October you will be able to purchase and download the album online for what will be (with the movement of the dollar) somewhere in the region of R90 through PayPal.
It is all looking very promising, and exciting, and the only thing left to ensure that this is a successful night of worship is you.  So please, if you have the time, keep this evening, album and all who attend in your prayers.  Pray that all attending may be blessed through this evening and these songs in whatever way God sees fit.  
May God bless you and I hope to see you there on the 2nd.

Dean Spiller

July 2010: "Arms Open Wide" is complete

Dean's debut album, "Arms Open Wide", is now mixed, mastered and on a collision course with October 2010 when it's launch is set to take place.  Duncan Todd has done outstanding work on the production of this album, and has really created an easy and interesting listening experience in "Arms Open Wide".  The launch is planned to be a praise and worship concert aimed at all Christians, regardless of age and progression in their Christian journey.  Details and the finer points are still under construction.
Pocket Kings 3:15 have begun their preparations for the October concert, as they will be enabling Dean to perform his songs live, and so far things are running ahead of schedule.  As a result there are a few "warm up" gigs, that Pocket Kings 3:15 will be playing, at which (in addition to their usual praise and worship cover set) some of Dean's new songs off of "Arms Open Wide" will be performed.  
The idea behind this is to aquaint the crowds with these songs before their launch.

PK 3:15 will be playing on:
    31st July : 20:00 : YFC retreat centre : for La Sallian youth retreat
    12th Aug : 19:00 : St. Charles Catholic church hall : SFC genral assembly
    2nd September : Victory Park youth praise and worship concert : unconfirmed
    9th Oct : 19:00 : Bryanston, Catholic Church of the Resurrection hall : JAM praise and worship concert

23 June 2010: Recording for "Arms Open Wide" is concluded

By midday on the 23rd of June, recording for "Arms Open Wide", Dean's first album, was concluded.  The recording process which took the better part of two weeks (not counting the many additional hours spent during the past year), was described as an "exciting journey and learning curve" by Dean who enjoyed the experience immensly.  The next couple of weeks will see the mixing and mastering of the tracks.  The final mix is said to be expected in early July in a form ready for printing. It has been decided that the album will be launched (on a yet unconfirmed date) during a praise and worship concert.  Many thanks must go to the other artists who helped make this recording process such an enjoyable time and ensured the highest quality of the tracks on which they perfromed by adding the many musical gifts that they have been blessed with to the mix.  
"The songs that each of you performed on are enhanced by your voices, instruments, style, spirituality and love for our God. Thank you for your help, willingness to serve and for your friendship. I am truely blessed to know so many grat musicians and amazing children of God. "
So thanks must go to...
Duncan Todd, Byron John, Julie Brenner, Justin Gent, Sherwin Prim, Thanyani Mariba, Stacey Williams, Nicol Rodrigues, Rajwin Chandy, Brad Page, Mila Szczecina  and Catherine Zoghby

...Many more exciting events are coming up soon so watch this space!

April 2010: "Arms Open Wide" on myspace

"Arms Open Wide", Dean Spiller's first single, and title track to his upcoming debut album, can now be heard on myspace. Follow the link below to find his profile and hear it.  Become his friend and let him know what you think.

March 2010: "Arms Open Wide" on Radio Veritas

During the 2010 lenton period South Africa's only Catholic radio station, Radio Veritas, was brought back to the fm airwaves (98.9 fm). At this time a radio series entitled "Soul Truth" was to be broadcast on a bi-weekly basis. It's content follows Pope John Paul II's teaching regarding the human body (the theology of the body or TOB) aimed, as JPII intended, at young people who are targeted and influenced by today's media regarding human sexuality and lifestyle.  The song "Arms Open Wide" by Dean Spiller was chosen as the show's theme tune and after much scrambling for time from Dean and great work by Producer (musician/recording tech.) Duncan Todd from Shilling Fox, the track was ready to go.  The show aired, ran smoothly and was by all accounts a great success, ending with the lenton period as intended.  Dean was interviewed on the shows "Youth matters" and "Catholic Expose" where his song coninues to enjoy airtime.  

The interviwes will be soon posted on myspace.  
You can listen to Radio veritas by following links from their website: www.radioveritas.co.za or on Dstv audio bouquet channel  170.

October 2009: Bryanston October Battle of the Bands rocked!

Battle for the Bands October was a great success! Bands from all around JHB came together to worship their God and an intense, joyous and spirit filled night was what ensued. With the likes of C.I.R.C.U.S., the Soweto youth choir, F.L.A.M.E., St. John's music ministry and Pocket Kings 3:15 leading those gathered in song to our Lord late into the night at Bryanston Church of the resurrection.  It was a nght enjoyed by all and much thanks must be given to Byron John, who did a great deal to organise this event and to Father Micheal who allowed the use of the Church's Hall.  God is Good!

August 2009: Praise and Worship band named - "Pocket Kings 3:15"

Our praise and worship band has served parishes in and around Johnnesburg for the last two years through leading worship at meetings, retreats, masses and concerts.  In order to continue and grow our ministry of praise and worship through song we resolved to name our band. We are now "Pocket Kngs 3:15", a reference to the bible verse 2 Kings 3:15, a verse that appeared to Byron in a dream at a time when he was faced with the choice between persuing a career in secular or christian music.  The verse is short but has a clear meaning. "Now bring me a musician" -2 Kings 3:15. The band consists of Byron John, Julie Brenner, Dean Spiller and Shaun Lawson.