God is in the music

 The best way for you to glorify God is to be yourself. You were made unique and unrepeatable. You say to me "I can't sing, I have no rhythm, dogs howl when I try, I don’t have a good voice…” What if I told you that God doesn’t want you to? God doesn’t want music that is flawlessly pitched or perfect in timing, he wants your heart. The praise you give and service you do by singing yourself into your praise to him is equal to the praise given by the greatest singer in the world!

When we sing we need to add ourselves to the music, not just sing because we know how the song goes but sing with our hearts! What is more beautiful, do you think: singing to God because you have a nice voice that you know others will like or singing to God with your heart despite the fact that you are uncomfortable with the way your voice sounds? I can’t answer for you but I know that the second requires greater openness and sacrifice and therefore greater love for our Lord. We are each perfect in our uniqueness, and so why would we want to sing like anyone else? You have something inside of you that can’t be offered by anyone else, no one who has ever lived and no one who will ever live... Your worship.

Don’t water it down pretending to sing like anyone else. Take who you are and where you are from, who you have been, and what you have done and keep that with you when you sing. That is more beautiful than a thousand polished choirs, a million clear voices and all those worship leader’s auto-tuned vocals. Let’s try and let go of our judgements next time we worship and surrender these feelings of unworthiness and pride to him. He knows us anyway right? Why try to hide? If we want to see God we need to let him look at us first.

If I have all the eloquence of men or of angels, but speak (...or sing) without love, I am simply a gong booming or a cymbal clashing.

-Corinthians 12 (- ish)


May God bless you.

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"Arms Open Wide" is the name of the album of self-written, Christian songs that I released in October 2010. Follow the links above to find out a little more about the album, download lyrics and guitar chord charts, watch live video recordings from the launch and purchase/sample the songs from the album. Should digital purchase and download be too great a hastle for you and you would like to order a physical copy of the album, please drop an e-mail to mail@deanspiller.co.za and you will be contacted shortly.